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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Member April [Tizzii/Tizz]Female/United States Group :icondragonfans4ever: DragonFans4ever
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Deviant for 5 Years
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Statistics 1,278 Deviations 74,118 Comments 102,092 Pageviews

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Art Status
:bulletblack: Not Started
:bulletwhite: Paused
:bulletpink: Abandoned
:bulletred: Sketch
:bulletorange: Lineart
:bulletyellow: Coloring
:bulletgreen: Shading
:bulletblue: BG
:bulletpurple: Done

:star-empty: Not Paid
:star: Paid

To Do List

Lost Voice Hidden Secrets Chapter 1 Page 11 :bulletyellow: :bulletwhite:
Mobian Rush Chapter 1 Page 11 :bulletred: :bulletwhite:


Open to close friends only

Art Trades Closed
Omma for OmmaXie :bulletblack:
Crimson playing a prank on one of my dragons silhouette345 :bulletblack:
Amethyst for LuciaRayadra :bulletyellow:
Sevour for Sevore :bulletblack:


Commissions Closed
Serpenna-07 Headshot for serpenna :star: :bulletblack:
Roaring Headshot for irajiack :star-empty: :bulletblack:
Flatcolor Sabra for dragonfreak1112 :star-empty: :bulletblack:
Keesha headshot for dragonpop1 :star: :bulletblack:
Commission 3 Lunar, Sol, Mercury, Venus family photo for Eclipse-Luna-DA :star: :bulletblack:
Shaded Knor Feral and Anthro for Eclipse-Luna-DA :star-empty: :bulletblack:
Custom Commission Lunar for Eclipse-Luna-DA :star-half: :bulletblack:
Detail Finn and Danthen for AMCAlmaron :star: :bulletblack:
Detailed Spyro and Sparx for GoldenGriffiness :star-empty: :bulletblack:
Shaded Frosty for darcykalaw :star: :bulletblack:
Detailed Emperor Long'Li for Ddraigtanto :star: :bulletblack:
Shaded Sabrina and Luner for dragonpop1 :star-empty: :bulletblack:








April [Tizzii/Tizz]
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi there! My name's April, or as you may know me on DeviantArt; SighriaDragoness12 [Sighria, SD12, or Sigh for short]. I have many aliases, but you can greet me as Sighria until I get to know you further.
I have an adoration for many different things, each of which I draw when the muse is right. I love dragons and anthros over all else. Other interests include Spyro, Sonic, Pokemon, and much more. I enjoy Gaming, Rock/Metal/Post Hardcore, Horror, Swimming, Youtube Lets Players, and various other things.
To sum myself up in a few words, I'm a spaztic, hyperactive tomboy; childish, outgoing, creative, humorously awkward, and friendly.
Interested in getting to know me? Feel free to message me at anytime! If not, thanks for stopping by my profile and giving my bio a read.

A bit more generic information for curious minds:
I am 18
Birthday is 4/15/96
Sexuality is Straight
Hobbies/pastimes consist of drawing, gaming, watching Markiplier, and chatting with friends.
Any questions about myself, my art, or my characters can be answered by myself if you only ask. ^^

Concerning Roleplay
Since I get asked this question frequently-- yes, I do infact roleplay. However, my standards are rather high nowadays. I've restricted rp to friends only, due to past experience with 'undesirable' people. But, as stated before, I'm picky with who I rp with. Try not to be disappointed if you were hoping to roleplay with me, and I say no.

My DA Accounts-
:iconsighriadragoness12:: Main account. Expect Dragons/Spyro, Anthros, Ferals, Pokemon, and much more
:iconrelicthecat: Secondary account. Set aside, no longer active, but not deactivated

Ilyz 4 Lyf- :iconmimimimaroonie:, :iconbreadcake: :heart:

Close Friends- :iconyou--know--who:, :iconamburum: :dummy:

FeralHeart Party of 6- :iconmimimimaroonie:, :iconyou--know--who:, :iconrandom-dude-101:, :iconoutlawtwitch:, :iconevaniti:, :iconamf1000: :la:

Other Friends- :iconshadow-cipher:, :icongoldenserenity:, :icon5piro:, :iconlordcato: :meow:

Life Friends- :iconvegetalover116:, :iconsasutoro:

Idols- :iconshalonesk:, :iconkayla-na:, :iconweirdhyena:, :iconfourth-star:,
:iconseeraphine:, :iconnaeda:, :iconcameo647:, :iconsevore:, :iconsoronadragon:
:icondoomdrao:, :iconxannador:

Idol Friends cB: :iconseeraphine:, :iconnaeda:, :iconcameo647:,
:L So as I'm about to buy a month PM for my friend as a gift-- I see I only have 135 points, when I previously had some 900 or so after a busy span of commissioning back in July and August. Checking my transactions, I see that DA has been automatically renewing my Premium every month, and has been draining my points down to nothing. I didn't realize my PM was renewing itself .-. I thought when my PM didn't run out the first time, someone else had bought me a PM as a gift, and it came into effect after my month purchased ran out. But, that's not the case :I I should have had the sense to know better, but I didn't, and disregarded it. And now I'm paying the price.
All of those commissions I did-- all that work, gone. Sure I would have spent it on a PM anyway but-- not right away. I didn't want it to constantly renew. I don't think I saw an option to not have it auto-renew when I bought my first month-- but then again I didn't look. I didn't expect it to auto-renew, since this hasn't happened to me in the past when I've bought a PM. Dunno why it did now :L Needless to say, I'm pretty frustrated.

So yeah...all my points are gone. And that means I'm going to have to earn them back <.< So, commissions are open until I can relieve some of the gap the auto PM created.
Donations are accepted as well. I'd imagine I'd have to run myself ragged to earn those points back through commissions. So, if you have a few spare points, any little amount, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Commission Information
NOTICE: My prices vary depending on the detail and content of the picture. The prices below are merely an estimation of the price range. Payment won't be required until after the picture is finished, for the final price given.

Click on the Sighria thumbnails provided for further information about the commission you're interested in. Feel free to ask questions about any particular commission type.

15-30 points
Sighria -sketch- by SighriaDragoness12

20-40 points
-Your choice of thin or thick lineart-
~Price will vary~
Sighria -lineart- by SighriaDragoness12 Sighria -thick lineart- by SighriaDragoness12

Flatcolor [no shading, no background]
25-50 points
Sighria -flatcolor- by SighriaDragoness12

Shaded [no background]
30-60 points
Sighria -shaded- by SighriaDragoness12 CM- Stellar Smile by SighriaDragoness12

Full Commission 1: Color background drawing
35-70 points
Sighria -color bg- by SighriaDragoness12 CM- Our Joy by SighriaDragoness12

Full Commission 2: Simple background drawing
45-75 points
Sighria -simple bg- by SighriaDragoness12 AT- Look at 'em go! by SighriaDragoness12

Full Commission 3: Complete background drawing
75-100 points
Sighria -complete bg- by SighriaDragoness12 CM- Evening's Bliss by SighriaDragoness12 Nature's Hatchday by SighriaDragoness12

Full Commission 4: Detailed drawing [extra shading, detailed background]
150-200 points
Sighria -detail- by SighriaDragoness12 20 Little Lights by SighriaDragoness12 CM- Outlook by SighriaDragoness12

Mini Comic[priced per page]
100 points

Headshot [thick lineart, aura]
25 points
CM- Gentle Breeze by SighriaDragoness12 CM- Frigid Warrior by SighriaDragoness12

Detailed Headshot [extra shading, thick lineart, aura]
45 points
CM- Mostly Machine by SighriaDragoness12

Icon[not animated]
5 points

Ref Sheet
50-100 points [depending on detail]

Extra points are counted per extra character
[depending on size and species] +Example: An adult dragon would cost more then a hatchling+

A detailed description of what you want -though isn't required- would be helpful nonetheless.
"I want a picture of -insert character-" ~This isn't a helpful description.
"I would like a full bg commission of -insert character- in a valley setting, gazing up at the stars." ~Much better.

Drawing Section

Drawing preferences: Anthros, Dragons, Feral Animals, Nagas, Pokemon, Humans, Ponies

Art Status
Bullet; Black Not Started
Bullet; White Paused
Bullet; Pink Abandoned
Bullet; Red Sketch
Bullet; Orange Lineart
Bullet; Yellow Coloring
Bullet; Green Shading
Bullet; Blue BG
Bullet; Purple Done

Personal To Do List
Below are all of the personal art pieces I'd like to get done for myself. For the complete 'To Do List' featuring commissions, art trades, gifts, ect, see the 'Newest Deviation' section of my DA Profile.

Cosmic Chronicles: Lost Voices Hidden Secrets Chapter 1 Page 11 Bullet; Yellow Bullet; White
Cosmic Chronicles Map Bullet; Red
Sarisian Lands Map Bullet; Black
Mobian Rush: Generation Relic Chapter 1 Page 11 Bullet; Red Bullet; White

Thanksgiving :bulletblack:

Ref Sheets
Relic Ref Sheet Bullet; Yellow
Azrael // Maria Ref Sheet Bullet; Black


Kaos Family Gift
Doomdrao Gift
Foxy x Foofy Gift
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Background noise
  • Reading: -
  • Watching: Air
  • Playing: -
  • Eating: Crunch Berries
  • Drinking: Milk

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dragonpop1 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Just for note, my shaded commission will be of Sabrina and her mate Luner, not Lunar. I was informed Lunar and Luner are different dragons. XD Luner is Sabrina's mate, and he looks like this:[Commission] The Waiting Game by Naeda by Eclipse-Luna-DA  
There are differences like the wing color and the hair color. ^^
Also not sure why it says skylanders on your to-do list, I don't want them as skylanders. XD No worries though!
And I wanted to know how much in total this comes to. ^^
dragonpop1 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hi! Would it be okay if I used your art trade half of Hope for my group's icon? :iconhope-fans:
SighriaDragoness12 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure, go right ahead! o:
dragonpop1 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks a ton! ^^
dragonpop1 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Heyo! I know you probably have enough commissions to do already, but I just got one more idea! Mind if I commish one more thing? ;w;
SighriaDragoness12 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I suppose so ;u;
dragonpop1 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much! Do you draw Skylanders?
SighriaDragoness12 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ehhhh, not really. I've only ever drawn Skylanders as gifts-- and it certainly isn't a Skylander style. I haven't perfected a Skylander style, and never saw myself doing such since I very much dislike the games.

...But, I guess I have to keep my art paths open if I want to make more fans and earn those little extra points. ^^' Plus when some of my highest admired idols love Skylanders its hard to steer away from it... <.< Curse Shalone and Weird for being so influential :shakefist:
(1 Reply)
Watermelonsaregreen Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hi :)
SighriaDragoness12 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there~
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