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About Digital Art / Hobbyist April [Tizzii/Tizz]19/Female/United States Group :icondragonfans4ever: DragonFans4ever
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:bulletblack: Not Started
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:pencil: Refreshing/Starting Over
:bulletred: Sketch
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To Do List

Cosmic Chronicles :pencil:
Mobian Rush :bulletpink:


Open to close friends only

Art Trades Closed
Crimson playing a prank on Nash silhouette345 :thumbsup: :bulletblack:
Amethyst for LuciaRayadra :thumbsup: :bulletyellow:


Commissions Closed
Serpenna-07 Headshot - serpenna :star: :bulletblack:
Commission 3 Lunar, Sol, Mercury, Venus - Knor-DA :star-empty: :bulletblack:
Detailed Arkebus and Zephyra - AMCAlmaron :star: :bulletblack:
Shaded Frosty - FrostwindL :star: :bulletblack:
Detailed Emperor Long'Li - Ddraigtanto :star: :bulletblack:






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April [Tizzii/Tizz]
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello there~ My name is April, or as you probably know me, SighriaDragoness12 [Sighria, SD12, or Sigh]. You can greet me as Sighria until I get to know you further.
I have a love for many things, each of which I draw when the muse is right. I love dragons and anthros over all else. Other interests include Spyro, Pokemon, Sonic, and much more. I enjoy games, music, suspense/horror, Youtube Lets Plays, and various other things.
To sum myself up in a few words, I'm a spaztic, hyperactive goofball; childish, outgoing, creative, humorously awkward, and friendly.
Interested in getting to know me? Feel free to message me at anytime! If not, thanks for stopping by my profile and giving my profile a read.

A bit more generic information for curious minds:
I am: 19 - Female - Birthday is 4/15/96 - Sexuality is Hetero
Hobbies/pastimes consist of drawing, roleplaying, play games, watching Markiplier videos, and chatting with friends.
Any questions about myself, my art, or my characters can be answered by myself if you only ask! ^^

Concerning Roleplay
Since I get asked this question quite frequently-- yes, I do in fact roleplay. However, my standards are rather high nowadays. I've restricted rp to friends only, due to past experience with less than favorable people. As such, I'm very picky with whom I rp with. Try not to be disappointed if you were hoping to roleplay with me, and I say no.

My DA Accounts-
:iconsighriadragoness12: Main account. Expect Dragons/Spyro, Anthros, Ferals, Pokemon, and much more
:iconrelicthecat: Secondary account. Set aside, no longer active, but not deactivated

Ilys for Life- -insert Brierre- :iconprospecte: :heart:

Close Friends- :icongrafferak: :iconevaniti: :iconoutlawtwitch: :iconangariika: :dummy:

Good Friends- :iconysulyan: :iconlordcato: :iconthedeadlymillipede: :iconhibiwiki: :iconkillakan626: :la:

Other Friends- :icongoldenserenity: :iconshadow-cipher: :icon5piro: :iconamburum: :iconplazma-reaper: :meow:

FH Circle of 7- :iconprospecte: :icongrafferak: :iconevaniti: :iconoutlawtwitch: :iconangariika: :iconsilverwolf1514: :iconamf1000:

Idols- :iconshalonesk: :iconkayla-na: :iconweirdhyenas: :iconfourth-star:
:iconseeraphine: :iconsoronadragon: :iconcameo647:
:iconnaeda: :icondoomdrao:

Idol Friends cB: :iconseeraphine: :iconsoronadragon: :iconnaeda: :iconcameo647:

..............................................................................................................................................................were you born stupid? by prospecte
Just a brief update for you guys. My surgery went fine. Tonsils and adenoids are gone now ;v; Been sleeping a lot. Can't eat much, can barely swallow, hurts a lot >.< but, that's expected. I'll be in 'recovery' status for a while. Till then, I gotta take it easy, so, no art from me just yet, apart from perhaps a doodle or two.

In other news-- I was tagged? By uh, this chick > Seeraphine Well, haven't done one of THESE in a while. Might as well ;v; Get things back to casual and not so... drama-y.

1.How did you join DA?

Around the time when I first discovered this thing called 'Youtube', I would spend most of my time looking up music tributes to things I like [Spyro, Pokemon, ect], game playthroughs, and other related things. Along the way, I ran into a couple videos with comics in them-- most notably ShaloneSK's "Zonoya's Revenge" and CynderandSpyroFan's "Hidden Truths". I followed the links to the full comics, both which led to this 'DeviantArt' place. I actively read the comics before deciding to join for the sake of commenting. A pretty modest existence-- that's all I did on my first account x'D Comment.

2.What does your username have to do with you?

Well-- it's pretty straight forward. 'Sighria' is, obviously, my Spyro OC, and was one of my first ever OCs that actually 'lasted', per say. Others that came before her I never got attached to. She was my first 'official' character that got a name, a backstory, and everything. 'Dragoness' is the fan made term for a female dragon. And '12' was, at the time, my favorite number.

3.What is your current avatar of?

That'd be Sighria-- drawn by my bestest bu, Mimi [prospecte] My icon is usually always Sighria, either of the Tizziisonas, or Shauna.

4.How many watchers do you have, and how many do you watch?

Ah geez. Umm... Les'see here. 759 people watch me, while I watch 234. Dango. When did that happen?

5.Do you have more than one account?

As a matter of fact, I do-- but, none of them are active anymore.

My first account was SClovergirl15, where all I ever did was comment on things. I had no idea how to do anything else back then x'D I wound up forgetting the password down the line, and in turn made another account, SighriatheDragoness ...aaaand another SighriaDragoness ....aaaaaand... another SighriaDragoness15. Needless to say... my younger self had a bad time keeping track of passwords. SighriaDragoness12 was my 5th account, and when I finally started to write down my passwords on scratch paper to make sure I never forgot. Now my only problem is... if I wanted to change my username... I can't x'D because all the usernames I'd change to are already taken. Fffff, is there a way for DA to get rid of old accounts? I have none of their passwords so I can't do it myself.

I also made RelictheCat when I decided I wanted to keep my Sonic art separate from my Spyro art, so I wouldn't have 2 comics going on the same account. That didn't last long :v It became too much of a hassle to bounce back and forth all the time, since I actively drew both Sonic and Spyro at the time, so I just decided to keep everything I draw on just one account. I do still have the password to RelictheCat, so I may have a use for it in the future. But, in the meantime, it'll just sit there, just like the rest of 'em >I

6.Name four of your favorite artists on DA

-points to first line of idols in deviantID-

7.What deviants do you admire because of their personality?

Aaaa, there's so many people I admire because of how nice and open they are, despite their popularity. I'm not the most social butterfly out there-- quite frankly I'm very awkward and have trouble talking to people. But, ever since I mustered the guts to add Seeraphine on Skype, she's become one of my favorite deviants to talk to. We agree on a lot of things, and can openly joke around and get all ranty and sarcastic. SoronaDragon's hecka fun to talk to too, surprisingly quirky x'D not what I expected through our casual DA convos alone. Oh! I've got to talk to shaloneSK a few times too! We got along pretty well with our one back and forth note chat-- too bad I'm still way too shy to get more up and personal with her. And WeirdHyenas is about as goofy and giddy as I am! I love that! It makes talking to her a LOT easier, knowing I'm not the only one making fangirl noises on the end of my computer. But-- same dilemma as Shalone, I'm too shy to just randomly strike up conversation. Maybe some day.

8.How many deviants do you know in real life?

I've never met any DA friends for real. It's actually the other way around-- I'm already friends with them irl, and then find out they have a DA. If that counts-- then 4.

9.Do you comment, fave, or both?

I don't fav things NEARLY as spastically as I used to back in the day-- but, I still don't comment as often as I should ;v; I guess I have a problem with just leaving a 'cool' or a 'nice!'. I wanna think of something meaningful to say, and that just doesn't happen all the time.

10.What do you typically post on DA?

Ahh, that would be a tie between dragons and anthros.

11.Do you participate in clubs or contests here on DA?

I'm still a part of a lot of fanclubs and the like for fav fodder-- but I don't ever submit things. Nowadays I get group requests for certain pieces-- a lot of which I'm not even a part of. And contests-- haven't done one of them in a while either. Then again, nothing worth while has really come up.

12.What is your most popular deviation?

Let's see here ummm... That'd be this Duet by SighriaDragoness12 Huh, that's strange-- could've swore the last time I checked my stat stuff, the first page of my comic was the most viewed. When did Duet get a sudden influx?

13.What is your favorite submission to your gallery?

Hoo... umm... huh.... that's a REAL tough one. 'Favorite' can fall under a lot of categories. Something more recent might be my favorite in terms of quality, something older might be my favorite in terms of nostalgia, a character might be my favorite, or a background, or a number of things.

Let's just make a little compilation here.

RP Scene- Draconic Rage Unleashed by SighriaDragoness12 Favorite effects

Christmas for the Family by SighriaDragoness12 Favorite group picture

A Shadow Over Brennenburg by SighriaDragoness12 Favorite turn out

Rise to Achieve by SighriaDragoness12 Favorite shading/lighting

Hybrid RP - We Must Be More by SighriaDragoness12 Favorite baes

14.What are things you wish you could draw better?

Anthros. Hands down. My dragons are fine, ferals are fine-- I don't mind where they're at right now and they'll develop in time. But anthros I wanna be better at right now. I wanna draw the good bod.

15.Do you have premium membership?

Nope. Needa get me one.

16.How many hours a day do you spend on DA?

I never log out, if that gives you a clue.

17.Are you a fast, slow, or medium typer?

I'd like to think I'm between medium and fast-- but Mimi and Graff call me slow ;A; fukuguys

18.What is the most annoying thing people ask you?

Uhh... I dunno. I don't really get asked many things, and I don't get annoyed very easily. I guess back in the day I'd get annoyed with people asking if I wanna rp. I'm a picky rper.

19.What is the most annoying / offending comment you've ever received?

Ummmm... well, once again I don't get annoyed with people very easily. And I'm not really offended by things. Uhh, I guess people compare Sighria to Cynder a lot? They look alike, both have big evil forms, same past, ect. But-- that's kinda to be expected :v I'm not offended by it, fact is Sighria DID start off as an inverted Cynder clone from a parallel dimension... be thankful THAT abomination didn't stick around.

20.What/who inspires you?

Music, art, friends, idols, movies, games-- the usual stuff.

21.Do you use guidelines when you draw?

Not usually. The times I do are for anthro muscle structure.

22.Do you associate people on deviantart with their icons?

Sometimes. If someone's icon has been the same thing for a long time, it's kind of natural that you familiarize that icon to them.

23.Have you ever suggested a Daily Deviation?


24.Everyone has considered leaving DA once or twice. Have you? Why?

-ponder- Mmmmmnope. Can't say I ever have. I often feared losing internet access and being away from DA for long periods of time, but I never contemplated leaving of my own will. Never had a reason too.

Do I gotta tag people now? ...Ehhhhh. I don't wanna. ;A; tag yourselves.

Drawing Section

Drawing preferences[Greatest to least] :: Anthros, Dragons, Feral Animals

Art Status
Bullet; Black Not Started
Bullet; White Paused/Idle
Bullet; Pink Abandoned/Cancelled
Pencil Refreshing/Starting Over
Bullet; Red Sketch
Bullet; Orange Lineart
Bullet; Yellow Coloring
Bullet; Green Shading
Bullet; Blue Background/Other
Bullet; Purple Done

Personal To Do List
Below are all of the personal art pieces I'd like to get done for myself. For the complete 'To Do List' featuring commissions, art trades, gifts, ect, see the 'Newest Deviation' section of my DA Profile.

Cosmic Chronicles Pencil
Cosmic Chronicles Map Bullet; Red
Sarisian Lands Map Bullet; Black


Ref Sheets
Sighria / Czylerus Ref Sheet 2016 Bullet; Black
Tizziisona Ref Sheet 2016 Bullet; Black

2016 ID Bullet; Black

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Alive - Pearl Jam
  • Reading: -
  • Watching: -
  • Playing: -
  • Eating: ice cream
  • Drinking: water

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