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About Digital Art / Hobbyist April [Tizzii/Tizz]19/Female/United States Group :icondragonfans4ever: DragonFans4ever
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:bulletblack: Not Started
:bulletwhite: Paused/Idle
:bulletpink: Abandoned/Cancelled
:pencil: Refreshing/Starting Over
:bulletred: Sketch
:bulletorange: Lineart
:bulletyellow: Coloring
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:bulletblue: BG
:bulletpurple: Done

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To Do List

Lost Voice Hidden Secrets :pencil:
Mobian Rush :bulletpink:


Open to close friends only

Art Trades Closed
Omma for OmmaXie :thumbsdown: :bulletblack:
Crimson playing a prank on Nash silhouette345 :thumbsup: :bulletblack:
Amethyst for LuciaRayadra :thumbsup: :bulletyellow:


Commissions Closed
Serpenna-07 Headshot for serpenna :star: :bulletblack:
Roaring Headshot for irajiack :star-empty: :bulletblack:
Flatcolor Sabra for dragonfreak1112 :star-empty: :bulletblack:
Keesha headshot for dragonpop1 :star: :bulletblack:
Commission 3 Lunar, Sol, Mercury, Venus family photo for Knor-DA :star-empty: :bulletblack:
Shaded Knor Feral and Anthro for Knor-DA :star-empty: :bulletblack:
Detailed Spyro and Sparx for GoldenGriffiness :star-empty: :bulletpink:
Detailed Finn and Danthen for AMCAlmaron :star: :bulletblack:
Shaded Frosty for FrostwindL :star: :bulletblack:
Detailed Emperor Long'Li for Ddraigtanto :star: :bulletblack:
Shaded Sabrina and Luner for dragonpop1 :star-empty: :bulletblack:








April [Tizzii/Tizz]
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello there! My name's April, or as you may know me on DeviantArt; SighriaDragoness12 [Sighria, SD12, or Sigh for short]. I have many aliases, but you can greet me as Sighria until I get to know you further.
I have a love for many different things, each of which I draw when the muse is right. I love dragons and anthros over all else. Other interests include Spyro, Sonic, Pokemon, and much more. I enjoy games, music, horror, Youtube Lets Players, and various other things.
To sum myself up in a few words, I'm a spaztic, hyperactive goofball; childish, outgoing, creative, humorously awkward, and friendly.
Interested in getting to know me? Feel free to message me at anytime! If not, thanks for stopping by my profile and giving my bio a read.

A bit more generic information for curious minds:
I am 19
Birthday is 4/15/96
Sexuality is Hetero
Hobbies/pastimes consist of drawing, gaming, watching Markiplier, and chatting with friends.
Any questions about myself, my art, or my characters can be answered by myself if you only ask. ^^

Concerning Roleplay
Since I get asked this question frequently-- yes, I do infact roleplay. However, my standards are rather high nowadays. I've restricted rp to friends only, due to past experience with less than favorable people. But, as stated before, I'm picky with who I rp with. Try not to be disappointed if you were hoping to roleplay with me, and I say no.

My DA Accounts-
:iconsighriadragoness12: Main account. Expect Dragons/Spyro, Anthros, Ferals, Pokemon, and much more
:iconrelicthecat: Secondary account. Set aside, no longer active, but not deactivated

Ilyz 4 Lyf- -insert Brierre- :iconprospecte: :heart:

Close Friends- :icongrafferak: :iconevaniti: :iconoutlawtwitch: :iconangariika: :dummy:

Good Friends- :iconysulyan: :iconkillakan626: :iconamburum: :iconplazma-reaper: :la:

Other Friends- :icongoldenserenity: :iconshadow-cipher: :icon5piro: :iconlordcato: :meow:

FH Party of 7- :iconprospecte: :icongrafferak: :iconevaniti: :iconoutlawtwitch: :iconangariika: :iconsilverwolf1514: :iconamf1000:

Idols- :iconshalonesk: :iconkayla-na: :iconweirdhyenas: :iconfourth-star:
:iconseeraphine: :icondragonoficeandfire: :iconsoronadragon: :iconcameo647:
:iconnaeda: :icondoomdrao: :iconxannador:

Idol Friends cB: :iconseeraphine: :iconnaeda: :iconcameo647:
Haaaaappy Birthday DA. Wouldja look at that, been a year already? Dango. We're all getting old. Alrighty then -crackles knuckles- Let's do this thing then, eh? I want that badge >I

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Let's see now... 6 Years? Yikes, it's been that long? Wowie.
I actually had been visiting DA long before I actually joined. I'd search Spyro Comics on google, and would wind up here on most occasions. I eventually joined so I could keep track of said comics. As for when I joined? That would beee, back in July, 2009-- though this account was made December 2009. Hoo man, I was a dinky little 13 year old. I had several [failed] accounts before this one. Let's just say, teenaged Tizzii couldn't keep track of her passwords well. It wasn't until the 5th account, SighriaDragoness12, when I started keeping my passwords on a piece of paper. My poor younger self. 

2. What does your username mean?
Exactly what it looks like: Sighria, my character who is a dragon-- or 'dragoness' as a female term, and the number 12. 12 is one of my favorite numbers, due to it being the age of several of my favorite cartoon heroes back in the day.
I've contemplated changing my username in the past, but I've been SD12 for so long, I really can't see myself as anything else. [Plus, a lot of my other ideas-- 'SighriaDragoness', SighriatheDragoness-- are taken. See back to my 4 previous failed accounts... <.<'

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Hmm... hyperactive, hyper-imaginative, goofball. That sounds about right, but, it really depends on how well y'know me~. If I was my silly, sporadic self around strangers, I'd likely scare them off!

4. Are you left or right handed?
I be right handed.

5. What was your first deviation?
That would be this ancient blur of lead on paper:
BFF dragon's reunion by SighriaDragoness12
It was a picture of Spyro, Cynder, Fushion, and Sighria-- related to my VERY old Spyro Fanfic, Saviors of the Multiverse. Iiii... don't recommend reading it x'D. It's a lot like this drawing: Old, disproportionate, and confusing.

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
I personally stick to a cartoony, digital style. It's all I really know how to do at this point ^^'

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Hm... tough one. There's a lot I'd like to do, but I'd haveta say, digital. I think it's best to stick with what I'm most familiar with, y'know? Course, I wouldn't mind messing with other media. But, when it comes to mastering, I'd stay with digital.

8. What was your first favourite?
Now, THIS is gonna take some digging. Gimme juuuust a moment as I look. But, my safe guess, it was either something by Shalone, or CynderandSpyroFan [now Fourth-Star]
Got it~. It indeed was something from Shalone. This lovely piece:
Frijir- Nina- Ash- Colored by shaloneSK
--which is actually just someone else's lineart colored by Shalone. But, still good nonetheless!

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Mostly drawings from my idols, friends, and other people I watch. I don't browse DA as often as I used to-- but thanks to the 'More From DeviantArt' sidebar on deviations, I find myself clicking around to find good stuff and other awesome artists.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I have many, as seen from my DA ID's description-- and it's hard to pick a favorite, they're all so amazing in their own ways! But, if I had to choose just one, all-time favorite, it'd be ShaloneSK. It was her art, and her comic that was one of the first things I discovered on DA, and her works inspire me to this day. The years have gone by, and I still get giddy and wiggly when she replies to my comments. Some things never change.

Just to give the lot of them recognition, I'll link all of my favorite artists-- idols and friends, old and new alike!
:iconshalonesk: For everything @ v @
:iconkayla-na: For awesome art, awesome anatomy, and a no bullshit attitude in the face of butthurt!
:iconweirdhyenas: For amazing art, an amazing comic, and an amazing species!
:iconfourth-star: For an inspirational comic that lead me to DA, and for developing from Spyro style into something new and creative!
:iconseeraphine: For being a MAJOR comic inspiration, an awesome person to chat and goof around with, and a momma of giant snakey element creators!
:icondragonoficeandfire: For awesome dragon anatomy and incredibly interesting Spyro concepts!
:iconsoronadragon: For an awesome style, and an amazing independent dragon world full of unique characters!
:iconnaeda: For a charming style, gradual development, and for being one of my first idols to commission me! .D.
:iconxannador: For an awesome comic, interesting lore, and a unique take on the Spyro universe!
:iconcameo647: For awesome anatomy, awesome poses, awesome background work, and for being one of my first idol friends!
:icondoomdrao: Though I haven't ever officially made contact with ya-- I religiously watched animations and tribute videos made by you on youtube, before I even found DA! Even though they're old, they're a keen memory for me now. For preceding even Shalone, and inspiring me to draw more dragons while I was a young artist growing!
:iconmimimimaroonie: For putting up with my daily shenanigans, for developing my anthro anatomy, for OTPs, and for being my bestestis best friend everrrr!
-Insert Ily Brierre- For being ilyness, and for enduring the mass of my spaz for 2 whole weeks!
:icongrafferak: For being an awesome person, friend, and angry Russian!
:iconoutlawtwitch: For being Texan, and for insulting me out of love!
:iconevaniti: For being that far away Aussie that shares my size kink problem!
:iconangariika: For being best Mama Kigan with awesome ideas and big vocabulary!
:iconysulyan: For being my screaming buddy, and being a long lasting DA friend that I still get to talk to to this day!
:iconamburum: For saving my arts from a thief, and for being my Dragon-Pokemon-hoodie turtle buddy for a while!
:icongoldenserenity: For being one of my very first friends on DA, and holding that friendship even while you're gone!
:icondardox: For being one of my very first friends on DA, for singing me Happy Birthday on my first DA year, and for somehow putting up with my Spyro story while it was still in the early chapters!
:iconkillakan626: For being that Finnish fook that's been a long time friend, and an avid ear for my ideas!
:iconshadow-cipher: For being a long time friend that I still love and respect even though we don't really talk anymore! ;V;
:iconplazma-reaper: For inspiring early ideas for Sighria, and for being one of my first DA friends! Don't think I've forgotten about you, you scrubber.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Also a tough one. With many idols and friends comes many people I'd wanna meet. Shalone is definitely one of them, as is WeirdHyenas, Kayla-Na, Sorona, Naeda... But, I think the winner here would be Seeraphine.
She's not only an idol, but I've come to consider her a friend through the times we've talked and the goofy pictures we've swapped back and forth. She seems like she'd be an awesome person to hang out with-- even if our personalities might clash! She seems so laid back and sensible, while I'm loud and excitable. x'D

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Oh many many people have impacted me! My idols inspire me day by day to develop my art and my ideas and someday reach the heights they have. The friends I've met make me smile and laugh and are awesome people to share and swap ideas with. And my fans may be some of the most important people to my life on DA. I still to this day can't believe my eyes or ears when someone calls me their idol, their inspiration-- when people rank me with my own idols, when I'm lined up with Shalone and Seeraphine and Weird, I can only think how these fans of mine must see me. Do they have the same joy and giddiness that I had when first meeting my idols? Even I can't just sit down to casual chat with my idols, I'm far too shy, careful with everything I say, afraid of saying something wrong. I have a hard time viewing myself as someone's idol, because I'm still so young and nerdy, with idols I've had for years that I still fangirl out to when they reply to me. I dunno, maybe I'm just weird-- actually no, that's a given fact!

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
I've used the same thing I've used for years now: A computer mouse, MS paint, and Gimp. I'm pretty content with what I have, but I wouldn't mind experimenting with other programs. SAI's got my eye. Heheh, rhymies.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
I mostly just run off of my own mind. It doesn't matter where I am or who I'm around, I can always draw something related to how I'm feeling, or merely just what I feel like drawing. Music, friends, and other artists are the biggest inspirations for me.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
This one's probably impossible to answer. I've met so many amazing people here, developed my art and myself through my actions, the things I've said, the people I've met, the characters I've created. I know for a fact I wouldn't be the same self I am now if I never found DA. There'd be so many people I never would have met, so many characters I never would have created-- if I would have any at all. Where would I be without all this? It's scary to think about ;u;. I have memories for when I first joined, for the reveal of certain characters, for the development of friendships, for the discussion of ideas, theories, and concepts, for the sharing of interests-- the list goes on. I'd have to say some of my best memories are when I'm able to talk to my idols, I can't explain how much I look up to them, and just getting the chance to talk to them is a feeling incomparable.

I think that about wraps it up here. I maaay have talked too much. ...Oh well, I said what needed to be said. Did I won yet? .V.

Drawing Section

Drawing preferences[Greatest to least] :: Anthros, Dragons, Feral Animals, Nagas, Pokemon, Humans, Ponies

Art Status
Bullet; Black Not Started
Bullet; White Paused/Idle
Bullet; Pink Abandoned/Cancelled
:pencil: Refreshing/Starting Over
Bullet; Red Sketch
Bullet; Orange Lineart
Bullet; Yellow Coloring
Bullet; Green Shading
Bullet; Blue Background/Other
:bulletpurple: Done

Personal To Do List
Below are all of the personal art pieces I'd like to get done for myself. For the complete 'To Do List' featuring commissions, art trades, gifts, ect, see the 'Newest Deviation' section of my DA Profile.

Cosmic Chronicles: Lost Voices Hidden Secrets :pencil:
Cosmic Chronicles Map Bullet; Red
Sarisian Lands Map Bullet; Black
Mobian Rush: Generation Relic Chapter 1 Page 11 :bulletpink:

Shalone's Birthday :bulletorange:

Ref Sheets
2015 TizziiSona Ref Sheet :bulletpurple:
2015 Sighria-Czylerus Ref Sheet :bulletpurple:
2015 Zynhael Ref Sheet :bulletblack:
2015 Aurikaeja Ref Sheet :bulletgreen:


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  • Listening to: Amnesia: TDD OST
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  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: Water

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LexThomas Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015
Just want to say I love your cartoon LVHS ^^ so cute
SighriaDragoness12 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, thank you! .v. It's old and filled with continuity errors but, I still appreciate that!
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Im a really big fan of your Comic TLoS LVHS A Dark Past
And i wanted to ask you if i could maybe make a Dub for YOutube of it?
I will credit you as the artist^^
SighriaDragoness12 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That old thing? Bleck. Desperate need of a redo, and an actual stable script that doesn't change every page. Don't mind me, just harsh to my younger self's mistakes x'D

Hmm, I suppose so o: If you can give credit where it's due, and show me the final result~ 
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Thank you for the favourite :3 Appreciated :) Also your gallery some cool work, keep it up ^^
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Ah, you're welcome! I loved the drawing~ Really liked the dusk-looking colors, contrast between orange and blue/purple make for pretty combinations. Oh, and thank you for the compliment~ ^v^ It makes my day when amazing artists like my little ol' cartoons.
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