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:bulletred: Sketch
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:bulletyellow: Coloring
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To Do List

Lost Voice Hidden Secrets Chapter 1 Page 11 :bulletyellow: :bulletwhite:
Mobian Rush Chapter 1 Page 11 :bulletred: :bulletwhite:


Open to close friends only

Art Trades
Amber and Cynder for dragonpop1 :bulletgreen:
Omma for OmmaXie :bulletblack:


Currently closed. Listed below are future commissions
Headshot for serpenna :star:
Roaring Headshot for irajiack :star-empty:





SighriaDragoness12 has started a donation pool!
3,421 / 10,000
Commission Info
NOTICE: My prices vary depending on the detail and content of the picture. The prices below are merely an estimation of the price range. Payment won't be required until after the picture is finished, for the final price given.

10-20 points
15-30 points
Colored pic[with or w/o shading, No BG]
20-40 points
Colored pic[with or w/o shading, colored BG]
25-50 points
Detailed Pic[full shading, full color, BG, ect]
75-100 points // 10-20 USD
Mini Comic[priced per page]
100 points // 20 USD
+10-20 points per extra character
[depending on size and species] +Example: An adult dragon would cost more then a hatchling+
15 points
Icon[not animated]
5 points
Ref Sheet
30-50 points // 5-10 USD [depending on detail]
Your choice of cell or soft shading
Your choice of thin or thick lineart
~Prices will vary with decision~

A detailed description of what you want -though isn't required- would be helpful nonetheless.
"I want a picture of -insert character-" ~This isn't a helpful description.
"I would like a detailed picture of -insert character- in a valley setting, gazing up at the stars." ~Much better.

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Sep 23, 2014
6:56 pm
Sep 23, 2014
5:48 pm
Sep 23, 2014
4:42 pm
Sep 23, 2014
4:15 pm
Sep 23, 2014
3:50 pm


Wow, I forgot the existence of this thing. It's been too long since I last had premium membership o-o
Thu Aug 21, 2014, 12:43 AM
Auuuuugh! My partner just died to a foe half it's level.
Wed Aug 13, 2014, 11:56 AM
I Don't Want It Some Daaayyyyyyy, I Don't Want It One Daaayyyyyyy, I Gota Have It Some Hooowww, I Want It Right Nooowww!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wed Aug 28, 2013, 2:18 PM
Tue Aug 20, 2013, 9:46 AM
seriously, was it something I did wrong? I didnt do anything :stare:
Sat Aug 17, 2013, 10:53 PM


April [Tizzii/Tizz]
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi there! My name's April, or as you may know me on DeviantArt; SighriaDragoness12 [Sighria, SD12, or Sigh for short]. I have many aliases, but you can greet me as Sighria until I get to know you further.
I have an adoration for many different things, each of which I draw when the muse is right. I love dragons and anthros over all else. Other interests include Spyro, Sonic, Pokemon, and much more. I enjoy Gaming, Rock/Metal/Post Hardcore, Horror, Swimming, Youtube Lets Players, and various other things.
To sum myself up in a few words, I'm a spaztic, hyperactive tomboy; childish, outgoing, creative, humorously awkward, and friendly.
Interested in getting to know me? Feel free to message me at anytime! If not, thanks for stopping by my profile and giving my bio a read.

A bit more generic information for curious minds:
I am 18
Birthday is 4/15/96
Sexuality is Straight
Hobbies/pastimes consist of drawing, gaming, watching Markiplier, and chatting with friends.
Any questions about myself, my art, or my characters can be answered by myself if you only ask. ^^

Concerning Roleplay
Since I get asked this question frequently-- yes, I do infact roleplay. However, my standards are rather high nowadays. I've restricted rp to friends only, due to past experience with 'undesirable' people. But, as stated before, I'm picky with who I rp with. Try not to be disappointed if you were hoping to roleplay with me, and I say no.

My DA Accounts-
:iconsighriadragoness12:: Main account. Expect Dragons/Spyro, Anthros, Ferals, Sonic, Pokemon, and much more
:iconrelicthecat: Secondary account. Set aside, no longer active, but not deactivated

Ilyz 4 Lyf- :iconelizabethgreene:, :iconbreadcake: :heart:

Close Friends- :iconyou--know--who:, :iconamburum: :dummy:

FeralHeart Party of 6- :iconelizabethgreene:, :iconrandom-dude-101:, :iconyou--know--who:, :iconoutlawtwitch:, :iconevaniti:, :iconamf1000: :la:

Other Friends- :iconshadow-cipher:, :icongoldenserenity:, :icon5piro:, :iconlordcato: :meow:

Friends IRL- :iconvegetalover116:, :iconsasutoro:

Idols- :iconshalonesk:, :iconkayla-na:, :iconweirdhyena:, :icondoomdrao:, :iconseeraphine:, :iconbettinamacher:, :iconnaeda:, :iconxannador:, :iconcameo647:, :iconfourth-star:, :iconsyaming-li:, :iconookalmaoo:

Idols I'm Acquainted with[and am deeply honored to be]: :iconseeraphine:, :iconbettinamacher:, :iconnaeda:, :iconcameo647:
Seeraphine and Xannador did it-- trend setters. So, this is gonna happen .-.
I haven't filled out one of these journal tag things in ages, much less an MS test. I have a feeling I'm not gonna like the results <u<' Let's jump in, shall we?

We'll be featuring Sighria here. You may learn a few things along the way!

Name: Sighria
[ ] Your dragon's name has a special meaning.
[x] He/She was named after something or someone. [Sun, River, Moon, etc.] {Fun fact: Sighria herself as a character was actually named after Sierra Entertainment!-- One of the companies that produced the Legend of Spyro trilogy. My obsession with the games was dug in deep back then. When it comes to in character comic wise, Sighria was named after a star by Drysic.}
[x] His/Her name is very unusual. {As are ALL my character names...}
[ ] His/Her name is a japanese word for an object. [A word for star, moon, light, dark, etc.]
[ ] Your dragon's name is a combination of his/her parents' names.
[x] He/She is called by a nickname.
Total: 3

[/] You use another dragon to describe yours. [Looks like Cynder, except...] {I don't use Cynder as a comparison as often as I used to-- but friends and fans can clearly see resemblance. So...half a point.}
[x] He/She is beautiful, handsome, or sexy. {Fans call her beautiful all the time}
[/] Your dragon has a really nice figure. {It's average to dragonesses, if we're going by Cynder. But I won't deny Sighria's serpentine shape}
[ ] He/She can eat as much as they want and still won't gain any weight.
[ ] Is loved by others [either to be lovers of just friends] because of his/her beauty.
[ ] Others are jealous of his/her beauty.
[ ] Your dragon looks like he/she should be anorexic, but really isn't.
[x] Has an unusual, natural eye color. [Red, purple, yellow, etc.] {This question kinda goes against the fact that ALL the dragons in the game have bright, unnatural eyes.}
[x] His/Her eyes can change form. [Slitted, pupilless, etc.]
[ ] His/Her eyes can change color.
[x] Has an unusual, natural hair color. {Does fur count as hair? <-< Rm...}
[ ] Your dragon's hair can change colors.
[x] Your dragon can can change forms. [Dark sides, corrupted forms, etc.]
[x] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Mark a box for each form they have. {-coughcoughCzyleruscough-}
[ ] Your dragon has a scar with a meaning behind it. {She DOES have a scar-- but it doesn't have a meaning. .-.}
[x] Has a certain piece of jewelry that they never take off. {I wouldn't say NEVER but-- rarely.}
[ ] Your dragon has weird/unusual markings. {Crescents, rings, and lightning bolts? Nah, not really unusual.}
[x] Parts of his/her body can glow. {Do eyes count? I think eyes count.}
Total: 12

[ ] Has more than 5 elements. {Wind, Water, Sand, Electricity, and Cosmic-- reeeeeally cutting it close there Sighria}
[x] At least one of his/her elements are ones you made up. [Love, steel, music, etc.]
[x] [x] [x] [ ] [ ] Check each box for each element you made up. {Does Water really count? C'mon man. I know it's not in THIS game, but Water has been used for previous Spyro games. Remember bubble breath in Enter the Dragonfly? Water stream in A Hero's Tail? Cut me some slack! D:}
[ ] His/Her element does not has a limit on how much they use.
[x] His/Her element is one that is feared by others. {At one point in time, Cosmic was feared. The thought of distorting space itself is pretty terrifying .-.}
[ ] Your dragon has an element that he/she has not discovered yet.
Total: 17

[ ] Your dragon has a unique power. [Magic, sixth sense, telekinetic, etc.]
[ ] That unique power is feared by others.
[ ] He/She has a healing power of some sort.
[ ] He/She can heal anyone from near death.
[ ] Your dragon has a power that he/she has not discovered yet.
[ ] He/She is or is partially a demon.
[ ] He/She is or is partially an angel.
[ ] Your dragon is stronger than most dragons.
[ ] He/She likes to fight.
[ ] Wins most fights they are in.
[ ] Your dragon can take down several others at once.
Total: 17

[/] Your dragon is the last of their kind. {Last pureblooded Cosmic-- but not the complete last. Half point.}
[ ] He/She doesn't know their parents.
[x] One of his/her parents are dead. {RIP Saris}
[ ] Both of his/her parents are dead. [The above question doesn't count if this one is checked.]
[x] Your dragon watched one or more of their parents die. {Well...Czylerus kind of...darkness and such...evilness...yeah.}
[ ] He/She ran away from home.
[ ] He/She raised themselves.
[/] Your dragon was raised by the villain. {Drysic isn't exactly a villain-- but he's not a good guy either. Half point.}
[ ] He/She escaped from the villain all by themselves.
[ ] He/She is the chosen one and must save the world.
[ ] Your dragon saves the world by themselves.
Total: 20

0 - 10 Anti-Sue:
You might want to add a few more features to your dragon so that they aren't too boring.

11 - 20 Balanced Character:
Your dragon has a good amount of features and abilites. They don't have too many so aren't too powerful.

21 - 30 Borderline Mary-Sue:
You should take off a few features from your dragon. You don't want to have a too powerful or attractive character.

30+ Mary-Sue:
You should really think through all of their powers and abilities because your character might really annoy some people. Try not to make your character too beautiful or powerful and maybe come up with an original background if you scored low in that category.

Good GOD Sighria. You could not cut it any closer then that.
I AM kinda shocked though. I was expecting Sighria to be well into the Mary-sue stuff, with her breed and powers and all. It's good to know she's not one, but also eck to know that she's a point higher then Zirra x'D Even if she's not in MS territory, you know there's something wrong when she comes to par with a 20 foot tall element maker, point wise. I wonder what all I can tone down without taking too much away from my precious Cosmicess. -leaves to ponder thoughts-

Drawing Section

My drawing preferences, fandoms/obsessions ordered from greatest to least: Anthros/Furries, Dragons, Sonics, Feral Animals, Nagas, Pokemon, Humans, Ponies

I don't take pony requests. I'm not a brony, so I'm not making a habit out of drawing them. I may consider commissions if the price is right.

Art Status
Bullet; Black Not Started
Bullet; White Paused
Bullet; Pink Abandoned
Bullet; Red Sketch
Bullet; Orange Lineart
Bullet; Yellow Coloring
Bullet; Green Shading
Bullet; Blue BG
Bullet; Purple Done

Personal To Do List
Below are all of the personal art pieces I'd like to get done for myself. For the complete 'To Do List' featuring commissions, art trades, gifts, ect, see the 'Newest Deviation' section of my DA Profile.

Cosmic Chronicles: Lost Voices Hidden Secrets Chapter 1 Page 11 Bullet; Yellow Bullet; White
Cosmic Chronicles Map Bullet; Red
Sarisian Lands Map Bullet; Black
Mobian Rush: Generation Relic Chapter 1 Page 11 Bullet; Red Bullet; White


Ref Sheets
Relic Ref Sheet Bullet; Yellow
Azrael // Maria Ref Sheet Bullet; Black


Feuriah Gift
Kaos Family Gift
Doomdrao Gift
Foxy x Foofy Gift
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Background noise
  • Reading: -
  • Watching: Air
  • Playing: -
  • Eating: Crunch Berries
  • Drinking: Milk

Curious Quarries: I'm a curious little Tizz. So tell me, which is your favorite of Sighria's ships? And why? 

37 deviants said Drysic x Sighria Drysria by SighriaDragoness12
17 deviants said Zoidius x Sighria Zoidria by SighriaDragoness12
6 deviants said Other? o-o [Is there someone I don't know of here?]
4 deviants said Rashama x Sighria Rasharia by SighriaDragoness12
1 deviant said Fushion x Sighria Fushria by SighriaDragoness12



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asia19842 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
your not you
asia19842 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
hey there. i just want say i love you arts
SighriaDragoness12 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awh~ Well thank you ^^
DontMindMeDudez Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
Hey there! Quick question, seeing how much you've improved, ever thought about redoing some of your older Shadelic pics? p.s. you rock:headbangrevamped: 
SighriaDragoness12 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shadelic? Hoo boy, you caught me by surprise on that one! Very few people tolerate-- much less actually enjoy a canon x oc pairings. Shadow x Relic was created a loooong time ago, by my younger self-- who doesn't exactly make the greatest decisions. Even I myself don't really ship Shadelic anymore. But, I find that I have to keep it, unless I want to lose my precious Azrael and Maria, which I do NOT want. So, with that in mind, I don't really think I'll be drawing Relic and Shadow together in the future.
HowManyDragons Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thanks for the +fav on my dragon sculptures! There are many more in my gallery, if you'd like to take a look. :) (Smile)

P.S. Your art is lovely! I think Sighria is really cute. :3
SighriaDragoness12 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, you're welcome! They were absolutely adorable! I couldn't resist.
I just took a gander, they're all so wonderful~ You have quite a talent cB

Awh, thank you so much! ^u^ I appreciate it~
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Hello there. I was wondering if you're still doing comissions? If so, I'd like to perhaps take out one similar to my Danthe Jarnhud comission. I'll divulge the full details once I know if you're doing comissions or not. :)
SighriaDragoness12 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Commissions are closed at the moment, however I can hold a place for you for when they open again.
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Sounds good. Thanks. :)
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